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Sunday, August 26, 2012



Why you should join today...

  • You start with $100 in your VirtaPay account and it's free.
  • Earn up to $20 per day in your account for participating as we continue to develop our service.
  • Get a $25 bonus for each new user you refer.
  • You'll be an EarlyBird user—your participation will help shape the development of this amazing new virtual currency system.
  • You may be invited to participate in the beta test of our upcoming debit card system, once we have reached our growth targets.
  • You can earn money to your existing bank account by sharing VirtaPay or by selling high-quality digital goods using VirtaPay.

Wed, Aug 22 – Debit Card System

About the debit card system

As you may know, we are planning a debit card system which will allow you to spend your VirtaPay balance with any merchant worldwide where VirtaPay payments are accepted. In addition, it may be used for any type of legal goods or services—not just digital items.

Progress continues

We are very excited to see continued steady progress toward the time when we begin testing our planned debit card system. As mentioned in previous blog posts we cannot properly test our debit card system until at least 100,000 Premium members are ready to participate. At the time of this blog post that target is 4.4% complete and growing steadily.

The next step

Upon achieving the above mentioned growth target, we will begin beta testing our debit card system. During the beta testing phase, the debit card system will only be available to Premium members. This is a special reward for Premium members because they have given a higher level of participation, contribution and identity verification.

How you can help

VirtaPay grows only when our members share it with others. If you want us to begin beta testing the debit card system sooner, then simply share your personal referral link with friends and family… and anyone you know who hasn’t already joined VirtaPay. (You can find your personal referral link at the bottom of the “My Account” page when you first log in.)

Further acceleration

We are working on a new system to reward the users who help the most toward reaching our Premium member growth target. This new system is still in early development. We will give you more details as soon as it becomes available.

Get on board!

If you haven’t already done so, please consider upgrading to Ad Sharing / Premium membership. By upgrading…
  • You help us reach our Premium membership goal.
  • You get to participate in the beta test of the debit card system.
  • You qualify for lifetime earnings from the ads on the VirtaPay website. If you don’t know about Ad Sharing, click here to learn more, or log in and click the “Ad Sharing” link in the top menu.

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